Asbestos surveys in
Sussex and the South East

Types of asbestos surveys

Do suspect an asbestos issue with your property? Are you planning on carrying out any refurbishment, renovation or
demolition work to a property? The Control of asbestos Regulations specify two types of asbestos surveys. A management survey and a pre-refurbishment and demolition survey. For expert advice on
asbestos related matters, contact Hastings Environmental Services Ltd. We are highly experienced in carrying out asbestos
surveys for a wide range of domestic and commercial properties across Sussex and the South East.

Management Surveys

This is the standard form of survey, which is undertaken to ensure that the duty holder fulfils their obligations under the ‘Control of Asbestos Regs. 2012’ to assess and manage the risk from asbestos containing materials (ACMs) that may be present within their property. The inspection covers all normally accessible areas and will usually involve collecting samples for analysis at a UKAS accredited laboratory to determine whether asbestos is present.

The survey report will detail any ACMs that may be present and provide clear advice and recommendations as to any remedial works and management procedures that may be required. The report will include an ‘asbestos register’ together with detailed photographic survey sheets and annotated floor plans to assist in the identification of any ACMs identified on site.

Pre-Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys

This type of survey must be carried out prior to any planned refurbishment, renovation or demolition, whether it’s a whole building or just specific parts. It is a requirement under the Construction (Design & Management) 2007 Regulations and as part of the ‘building controllers’ responsibility in accordance with the ‘Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012’.

This type of survey is used to locate, as far as is ‘reasonably practicable’, all ACMs within a building and may involve destructive inspection to gain access to all areas. A full sampling programme is undertaken to identify possible ACMs and estimates of their extent made. The survey is intended for use as a basis for tendering the removal of ACMs from the building prior to demolition or refurbishment.

Re-inspection Report

In accordance with regulation 4 (para. 9) of the ‘Control of Asbestos Regs. 2012’ there is a requirement to monitor the condition of any asbestos materials identified within a property; carry out routine assessments and update the management records. The objective of this requirement is to maintain a current record of the location and condition of any asbestos materials identified. It is recommended that a competent individual carries out the review on a regular basis normally at least once a year.

Will asbestos need to be removed?

Removal of asbestos materials already in place, in good condition, is not required by the regulations but buildings should be surveyed, asbestos labelled and its position and condition recorded to allow any asbestos to be ‘managed’ safely.

The type of asbestos in the material, the condition of the material, its fibre release potential and its location in the building are among the factors that determine whether it will be removed or repaired.